The awesome Sarah Banet-Weiser has a nice description of my essay on telephone training films from American Quarterly. She's the editor of their flagship journal published by Johns Hopkins University Press. They also have my essay available for download: "Intimacy Threats and Intersubjective Users: Telephone Training Films, 1927–1962." 

Nice mention in EJMS

A book review in the European Journal of Cultural Studies has nice things to say about my essay, "Intimate threats and intersubjective users: Telephone training films, 1927-1962," originally published in American Quarterly:

The first section, ‘Sound Technologies and Subjectivities’, includes some excellent articles on our technologised interactions with sound, some with a historical focus as in D. Travers Scott’s analysis of a set of telephone training films produced from 1927 to 1962. Though focusing on materials from the past Scott’s arguments provide a useful and lucid theorisation of the peculiar ‘intimate intersubjectivity’ of telephone conversations (pp. 46-47).


Presenting at ASA in LA

I'll be presenting "Pained Bodies, Passionate Pleasures: 
The Affective Economy of Irish Travelers’ Fight Videos" at noon on November 9th at the American Studies Association, meeting in Los Angeles. It will be part of a panel on MMA (mixed martial arts) fighting.

New article on analog synthesizers and gender

I've got a piece in the "Retro Technologies" issue of Technoculture titled, “Music to Moog By”: Gendering in Early Analog Synthesizing in the United States."


Summer conferences

I'll be participating in the THATCamp unconference on digital humanities May 17 in New Orleans. I'll also be at the International Communication Association meeting in London June 17-21 as new co-chair of the LBGT Studies Special Interest Group. If you're at either event, say howdy!


PSB / Eisenstein Essay Acepted for Publication

My essay on UK pop duo Pet Shop Boys' soundtrack to Sergei Eisenstein's silent classic, Battleship Potemkin, has been acccepted for publication in the journal Music, Sound, and the Moving Image (Liverpool University Press). The essay proposes refining the concept of "resonance" from sound and media studies as a refinement of "intertextuality."


Conference Presentations 2012

I'll be presenting research, attending, or otherwise involved at the upcoming conferences, as indicated:

- Marxism and New Media, Duke University, Durham, NC:  Jan. 20-21. Attending.

- Southern States Communication Association, St. Anthony Hotel, San Antonio, TX: April 11-15. Presenting "'Hooking Up' in International Techno-Horror: Feminism, Reproduction, and Users" and  "Great Ideas For Teaching Students: Globalization Fieldwork for Study Abroad"

- Society for Cinema and Media Studies, Boston Park Plaza, Th. March 22, 11:00-12:45, Longfellow Room. Presenting "Convulsions of Gender: Media Struggle in Possessed and Ringu Offshoots" for panel Media Rejection: Practices and Discourses of Non-consumption and Resistance with Laura Portwood-Stacer, Rivka Ribak, Louise Woodstock, and Toby Miller.

- International Communication Association, Phoenix Downtown Sheraton, Th. May 24.
     1. Organizing preconference "Historiography as Intervention:  Communicating Across Geographies, Communities & Divides," Sponsored by the Communication History Interest Group.
     2. Presenting "Gay Men & Feminist Women: Networks of Communication, Representation & Coalition" as part of the panel  "Variant Voices: New Media Technology, Political Life, and Making Queer Communities"

- Local and Mobile: Linking Mobilities, Mobile Communication, and Locative Media, March 16-18, North Carolina State University, Park Shops Building (BNUM. 33). Attending.

- Association for Cultural Studies / Crossroads, July 2-6, Paris. Presenting "Killer Apps and Sick Users: An Overview of Pathological Technoculture."