Poor Donnie

OK so I saw the Director's Cut of Donnie Darko. Still makes me cry, but I have to say if this is closer to Kelly's original sci-fi vision of DD, I much prefer the original psychological thriller version (even if it was driven by studio forces).

While the new version has good character stuff - such as the Donnie & Dad "crazy" conversation, more Maggie, more Drew, etc. (much from the DVD extras) - it's bogged down by Kelly explaining his sci-fi plot too much.

The mechanics of time travel and tangent universes really didn't interest me. The new movie changed from a plot of "Is Donnie crazy or not?" to "How will Donnie save the world?"

Because of the emphasis on explaining the sci-fi elements, it's much clearer early on that Donnie is not crazy, which for me drained much of the movie's suspense.

Oh well. The friends I dragged to it liked it, but said they wouldn't see it again. Even though I'm not crazy about this version, I still hope it brings new fans to the movie.

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