Tarnation is Intense

Finally made it last night to see Jonathan Caouette's fever-dream self-portrait film, Tarnation.

As a former film student, lemme say it's a beautiful piece of work. Gorgeous and emotionally devastating.

It was a bit freaky for me to watch: His autobiography is that of a gay, new wave, theatre fag growing up in Texas in the '80s with a mentally ill mom -- which I can identify with on all counts (and mined for my novel Execution, Texas: 1987). So the music and movie references, the accents, the family - all of it rang a little too familiar. Ouch, let's just say.

But it seriously rocks. And I think it's a cult fave in the making. One person in the audience last night had seen it three times. If you haven't seen it yet, run don't walk.

Oh - and another reason it kicks ass is my college buddy Stephen Winter (a fab filmmaker in his own right) is the Producer!

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