Fan fic misc theory notes

Rushing to type this ... sorry if incoherent, welcome to the joys of liveblogging...

- De Certeau, practice of everyday life...
- Bordieu conflict between hierarchies of taste, it is literature?
- Queer theory - slash, chan, erotica
- Marxist

2 fave theories:

Ong "Orality and Literacy" - electronic communication, secondary orality brings back things like community that were lost with the move to literarcy

Bahktin "Rabelais and his World" carnival culture - understand high culture world by looking at "low culture"

Her theory:
Very Large Narrative - new internet-enabled literary genre, commercial fiction is the skeleton, fan fiction is the flesh - genre is too large to read like "very large array" or "very large numbers" Fill in gaps in commercial narrative

Texts: Reload - Cyberfeminism; Rethinking Media Change; Jenkins

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