Last time I played with moblogging to Blogger, I wasn't too thrilled, but their setup now with Flicker is pretty sweet and easy to configure. Just tested it out on the two posts below, some backstage shots for the recent Slice of the Apple Dancers extravagonzo.

A nice feature is you can choose between emailing pictures from your phone directly to your designated blog (for me, this one), or you can send it to your blog and your Flickr photo sets.

My only quibble with moblogging is I like to bluetooth my pix to my Mac and use Fireworks to clean them up before posting. I know, I know: Buy a better cameraphone or stop taking pictures in dark nightclubs backstage, Trav

Yahoo 360 has a moblogging feature I'll check out next... And if you're interested in Y360-type geekiness, check out Quiplash's comparison

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