Social Networking Whores - Tribe.net, this means you

Pet peeve update!

v 1.0:

People who send you invites to be linked / networked / friends on a social networking site like Tribe or Friendster, but they don't send you a real message with any real content, just a form request, and they don't try get to know you, don't mention anything in your profile, etc.

v 2.0:

When they do the above, you decline their invite, then a month later they send you the EXACT SAME INVITE because they don't even realize they've tried to connect with you before. You're just a tally mark acquisition to them and they don't even remember you as a person.

This just happened to me today. At the same time, I got a very nice intro message from someone on Uncreepy.com - and the contrast really struck me.

Anyone else have this happen? Does it drive you bonkers?

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  1. i just got, like 14 emails from tribe from ONE person asking me to join the same group-- 14 times.

    what gives?

    in other news: just started OOTTINLTO-- and loving it.

  2. Hey Rob!

    Damn they must want you in that tribe bad! Which one was it....?

    Cool, glad you're liking OOTTINLTO! Lessee how would I pronounce that acronym? "Oooht-Tinnel-Too"?

    Sigh. Some day I'm going to write a book with a short, simple, Hitchcockian title. Really.

  3. Ahhh yeah, I've been there too... and then when I send a message back thanking someone for the invite.. sometimes I just get one email back from them, but then never hear from them again =). Ahh the internet.. what a lovely place. I'm just glad that you accepted my invite so long ago ;).

  4. I get those empty invites all the time. I really just dont respond. If Im interested in someone (hint)I'll send them a message of interest And if Im lucky they will respond..

  5. I got one "update my address book" form message from someone and I looked at the form and thought, "This looks like work." If he really wanted to know anything about me he'd write me a letter.