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Made it one week so far.


  1. Welcome to LA!
    I got a copy of your book at SNS and finally got around to reading it. (My porn stack runneth over, what can I say?)
    Enjoyed it.
    Let me know if you head out to SNS next year too.

  2. dear lord.... only a week & you've already grown a palm on yr back.

  3. Yeah, it is hot here!! ;-)

    And I feel like I do have a palm growing out of my back; it's sore from lugging books and bags around all the time in this heat...

    Glad y'all liked the pic - and Kathleen, glad you liked OTT! Thanx!

    I gotta buy some new porn soon to balance out my stacks of rhetoric history and statistical methods books - hopefully Toys in Babeland will open here soon!

  4. Dang only been there a week and already looking hot! Yum!!

    BTW, i'm about half-way through your book and on the sexual side of things... your first chapter with the first Jake and the Sheriff... damn you =)) Hehehe...

  5. Babes in Toyland? Go to Skylight Books. Support your local indie bookstore!
    Now, back to the porn stack. ;)