Making the Move

Posting may be infrequent for the next few weeks ... I'm moving to L.A. on the 13th, and until then am packing, having lots of wonderful visits with friends and family, and spending lots of time lavishing attention upon my boyfriend.

After I get there, I'll be househunting, starting school, dealing with separation anxiety, and generally adapting to life in LA. As soon as I get settled I'll be posting again more regularly - until then, you check out my other sites from the links here or on my main page.

And thanks for all the email and comments!


  1. Wow! What a move! Good luck and hope it all goes well. I am talking about your book on my blog this morning!

  2. hey there.
    good luck with the move. we'll be doing it in a coupla weeks (albeit just a tad bit further than you... ).

    we definitely have to meet up again when we all get settled.

    safe journey to you.