LA blogging

I didn't intend this to become such an LA blog, but since I started school it's been hard to find time to write about much else.

So I thought I'd throw in a few other school tidbits...

Any Comm geeks out there working with Fisher's Narrative Paradigm? I'm experimenting with doing quantitative research using it, but as a subjective attribute, not one fixed within a text.

I'm also looking at Canclini's ideas about the shift to a consumerist model of citizenship. Would love to hear any suggestions on other theorists working in a similar vein or repsonding to Canclini...


  1. ... subjective attribute, not one fixed within...
    I know that you're using English words here, but somehow the combination doesn't translate.

    If your LA fixation gets too serious - like you start making comments about the Valley - we'll arrange an emergency relocation.