Final Lap

Remember running laps in gym class, and how ardurous that final lap seemed?

These last weeks of the semester feel like that. I'm finishing up a research project, a proposal for a research project, two short papers, and grading assignments and a final exam. I'm burned out on school, and the novelty of being in a new city has worn off somewhat as well. Miss my boyfriend. Feel perpetually exhausted.

Luckily this is Southern California, and I'm discovering the truth in that adage about how the weather makes up for a lot of things. I think I'd be miserable if it wasn't 87 degrees, sunny, and gorgeous every day.

I tried the other day to take a mini-vacation and spend the day at Venice Beach. I got there and it was covered in thick, heavy fog. Not the sunshine we had in my neighborhood but actually still very beautiful.

Walked along the beach for hours in minimal visibility, just surround by grey and the roar of surf, occasional figures appearing and passing by, the city invisible. Silent amusement park at the end of Santa Monica pier. Wet crabs scuttling about the low-tide rocks. Muscle Beach shrouded in mist, evanescent squat-thrusts.

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