UPDATE: FD3 (LA version)

OK, OK, I know it's a durn Hollywood sequel but I gotta admit I got off on Final Destination 3. I actually went as part of a homework assignment, doing audience observation, but damn the movie was pretty good.

It's worth it if for no other reason than the coaster crash - especially if you're a double-dip of dorkiness like me: a coaster and horror movie fan. I can't think of another one since Rollercoaster? (Which I saw as a pup at a drive-in in Texas, which was fun but had no Senssurround) (Oh and btw it has a cameo of the great band Sparks during one of their worst musical incarnations, unfortunately.)

Also saw the preview for The Hills Have Eyes. Remakes can suck it, but hafta admit I still got excited. (Btw I got invited to a preview screening of this a few months ago, then when I called to RSVP got booted from it cuz I'm too freakin' OLD!)

So the DAY after I posted this my pal Donovan is in town from Seattle, I go to the Gauntlet to meet up with him and his LA friends, one of whom I'd met years ago in Seattle, is now in LA doing effects work, and his company had bid on the effects for FD3.

He cracked me up explaining that he can't even go to see it or other movies he bids on because he already knows everything that's going to happen...


  1. i saw FD3 the day it came out. ooof, some really gruesome deaths, no? moreso than the last two films. especially the chick in the Home Depot. eeeesh.
    i love it when the audience is groaning/laughing as each kid gets dispatched!
    i'm a sick bastard.

    the rollercoaster scene made me want to jump out of my seat. i love/hate rollercoasters.

  2. Dude I was doing audience observation while at FD3 and taking notes on exactly that - how they gasped, groaned AND laughed every time someone died.

    Coaster sequence RAWKED.

    Home Depot was gross but for some reason the Ashleys in the tanning beds, silly as it was, was the hardest for me to watch. Must have touched on my inner bimbo.

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