How's that war workin' out for ya?

From the State Dept.'s annual report on global terrorism: Iraq is now a "global hub" for terror, and the number of attacks has rocketed...

2003: 208 terrorist attacks that caused 625 deaths
2004: 3,168 attacks that caused 1,907 deaths
2005: 11,111 attacks that caused 14,602 deaths

Can a 5,432% increase over two years be attributed solely to "changing definitions"?

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  1. My question is... why are we still there?? I mean really. We weren't even supposed to be there in the first place, until the all-mighty Bush decided he wanted to rule the world and make false accusations.. now we're accumulating more casualties than any other war before it. I know I didn't buy into this war.. I didn't want to be anywhere near the Persian Gulf... damn him....