Day Without Immigrants

Hundreds of thousands downtown ... helicopters swooping overhead ... smell of sizzling bacon ... wrapped sausages ... music everywhere ... pal from school Sasha drumming up a storm ... spontaneous dance circles ... shouts, claps, chants, cheers ... white T-shirts blinding in the SoCal sun ... lots of families, kids in strollers...


  1. Thanks for the photos. The saddest thing I saw today here in Phoenix were two people, "counter-protestors," waving defaced Mexican flags (one with the center ripped out of it, the other with a spray-painted circle with a slash). It made me feel better to see the pics you posted.

  2. I have this horrible vision of a Westside power mom driving the three blocks to the bus stop in her Hummer to pick up her nanny, and then announcing in her chirpy voice that she and little Tyler and McKenna were planning to march beside their nanny in a show of proper Westside PC sensibilities.

    "I'll even drive you back to your bus stop when it's over!"

  3. My breath and regards to you.

    -White Oleander-