Another Review Opportunity

Did somebody say revue? [Picturing some sort of 'Academic Footlight Parade' talent show. Sigh, I wish.]

Reviews are a solid way to break into academic publishing. I mentioned RCCS earlier in the week, here's another that's more broadly oriented towards commnication in general:

The National Communication Association publishes The Review of Communication, a refereed, online only journal that publishes state-of-the-art reviews dealing with all communication issues in all modes of communication. This includes book reviews and non-book-based disciplinary reviews. Areas of interest include cross-cultural communication reviews, in retrospect reviews (disciplinary history), professional issues reviews, and classics reviews.

They just emailed out a list of current books they're interested in having reviewed. It contradicts their website, which I'm assuming will be updated shortly, but given that, I'll repost the list below. If interested, send queries to: Raymie E. McKerrow, mckerrow [at] ohio.edu.
Pezzullo -Toxic Tourism
Yanni - The Architecture of Madness
Acland - Residual Media
Mattern - The New Downtown Library
Agamben - Language and Death
Gillman & Weinbaum - Next to the Color Line: Gender, Sexuality and W.E.B. DuBois
Silva - Toward a Global Idea of Race
Aydermir - Images of Bliss
Brooks - Unraveling the Garment Industry
McLeod - Freedom of Expression
Craig - The Ethics of the Story
Divenyi, et al. - Dynamics of Speech Production and Perception
Beasley - Who Belongs in America
Hogan - Woodrow Wilson's Tour
James - Imagining Postcommunism
Stuckey - Slipping the Surly Bonds
Ferguson - Public Speaking
Vaughn - The Power of Critical Thinking
Trenholm & Jensen - Interpersonal Communication
Finlayson - Habermas: A Very Short Introduction
Herzog - Milton Rogovin
Beich - The 2007 Pfeiffer Annual
Braman - Change of State
Flichy - The Internet Imaginaire
Noll - The Evolution of Media
Artz & Kamalipour - The Media Globe
Sharer - Vote & Voice: Women's Organizations and Political Literacy, 1915-1930
Davis & Shadle - Teaching Multiwriting
Coombs - Ongoing Crisis Communication
Ahnaf - The Image of the Other as Enemy

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