Last semseter I suggested a scene from Xanadu to use as a media clip in the Fashion, Culture, & Communication class I was TA-ing for: the Gene-Kelly-new-wave-makeover scene set to ELO's "All Over the World." [btw, is it just me or is Supertramp this summer's ELO in terms of mashup fodder and general revival?] The students were bemused, to say the least.

Anyway hopefully some of them will remember it when Xanadu becomes a hit on Broadway. New York Magazine just had a good background article on the production. Joe My God (one of my co-authors in From Boys to Men) has blogged the preview with a pic.

Although I came late to fag icons like Liza, I was front and center in the cineplex to see Xanadu when it came out, and it was the first album I bought with my own money. I've got the DVD but it's a crappy release, when are we going to get a real special edition?

In related-ness: Nick Bantock did a great pop-up book of the Coleridge poem, used in teaching hyperliterature or interactive fiction, and Xanadu is also the name for the first universal, worldwide hypertext project from 1960 but still alive and kicking.

The movie has its own preservation society and even its own Peeps re-creation:

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  1. Well, it's no Peephenge.
    Heck, it isn't even Lord of the Peeps.
    But it is definitely a movie. I'll give it that.