Blogging Chapter in Tactical Media Book from MIT Press

MIT Press finally has a page up for a new book on tactical media I'm in, Digital Media and Democracy: Tactics in Hard Times, edited by Megan Boler. My chapter on political blogging during the '04 election takes a critical look at hyperbolic media narratives around the CBS News "Memogate" controversy. "Tempests of the Blogosphere: Presidential Campaign Stories that Failed to Ignite Mainstream Media" is a vastly reworked paper by the same title I presented online, at the University of British Columbia, and at the conference Media in Transition 4: The Work of Stories.

The chapter mixes empirical and interpretive methods to present counter-examples to the mythic Memogate narrative of bloggers bring down Goliath Dan Rather, and theorizes more effective narrative strategies for tactical media. Ultimately I argue for a suprarational approach to media creation and study, an approach that is reflexive, critical, and includes both informational/logical perspectives as well as emotional modes.

Self-promotion aside, what I've read of the book so far has been fantastic, such as a great chapter by Jodie Dean on "communicative capitalism" that I've been telling people about for months, as well as other nifty contributors I'm giddy to be included with: Shaina Anand, Chris Atton, Axel Bruns, Ron Deibert, Deepa Fernandes, Amy Goodman, Brian Holmes, Hassan Ibrahim, Geert Lovink, Nathalie Magnan, Robert McChesney, Graham Meikle, Susan Moeller, Alessandra Renzi, Ricardo Rosas, Trebor Scholz, and Rebecca Statzel.

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