In the Thick of Writing

Ah well now I received my questions last Friday and am thick in the middle of writing up my answers. I'm happy to report the questions were all good -- I had a total of 11 from which I had to choose four, and there were no real left-field ones in the bunch. I could've responded to any of them and would've benefited from it. If anything, choosing which questions to answer has been hard -- I was still having second thoughts this morning.

That being said, I'm just a wee bit burned out on the examination process in general. I've been reminding myself that after this and one or two more classes, I'll be pretty much done with this mode of writing forever, and I'll be about ready for that. The mental muscles used in this backflip of regurgitation-with-inflection are getting tired....

Examination soundtrack! B-52s Yelle Magnetic Fields Cut Copy Crystal Castles Emma Bunton Tracey Thorn Pet Shop Boys Patrick Wolf Darren Hayes Goldfrapp Moby (! -- I know, I got so burned out on his ethnomusicological wallpaper but the new album is a sweet bit of melancholic house, reminding me why I first liked him in the first place.)

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