It is finished.

Well, not completely finished, but I'm one step closer in preparing for my qualifying exams, which leads to taking the exams, which leads to starting my dissertation, which leads to getting my Ph.D, which leads to getting a job, which leads to tenure, which leads to a nice house with a garden. Yes, this whole process is basically about swiss chard.

Here's a pic of the 127 books on my lists, which I've now completed reading some degree of, annotating, and putting the notes into my citation database and this blog. I've got a week now to read some of the books more completely and review my notes. Then, a week from tomorrow, I receive my exam questions and write answers for ten days, then have an oral exam next month. If all goes well, I will become a Ph.D candidate on Cinco de Mayo.



    i'm not sure i've witnessed someone as prepared as you going into your comps. it's pretty amazing what you've read, what you've thought about, and what you've shared with others via blog posts about your readings. good luck, trav.

  2. Hey there facebook and UCHRI buddy,

    Your blog inspired me to create my own for my exam prep.

    Good luck on the exam!


  3. Swiss chard. It's the colorful stems, isn't it? Now it all makes sense.

  4. I wish you all the best!!

  5. Thanks everyone!
    David - overprepared, c'est moi. Tanner - glad this was inspiring or useful at least for someone else! Kathleen - yes! Red, yellow, you know.