Passed Exams


Yesterday I passed my qualifying exams. Today, on my first day as an All-But-Dissertation PhD Candidate, I got up to do morning email and my laptop promptly died. It's over 4 years old, and I've been expecting this for some time (it's an old iBook with a crappy logic board that's been replaced like 4 times). Still, it was ironic (or a blessing) that it went kaput the day after all my months of technology studies.


  1. congratulations and mazel tov, trav, you phd CANDIDATE!

    i believe you get the prize for the all time most transparent qualifying exam EVER.

    congratulations, trav - here's to finishing the last stage with a new laptop and a continued sense of wonder.

  2. Thanks David, you've always been and continue to be inspiring in this.

    But, if as José van Dijck suggests with medical imaging, ideals of transparency beget a culture of bodily malleability and, moreover, an impetus toward perfection, what does that say about my transparent quals?

    Argh, stop before I cite again!

  3. Oh, good show, darling. *polite clapping*
    You know I live for the day when I can call you Dr. Scott.