Playing with media forms and functions

Obviously I've been playing with this blog as of late. The traffic reflects it, but that's never been a main goal of mine. (In fact I get irked at how often expanding readership is assumed the goal of blogging / posting etc. Isn't all the new media hype about being past the era of mass media?)

Anyway so I've been playing with the form of blogging - experimented with just doing minimal posts of a single image in a thematic series, automating posts, and unifying posts across blogs and social networks using Ping.fm. The latter also ended up porting to this blog my Twitter experiment of posting haiku-like three-word poems.

Oh, and I've been lying. A lot. If, as Mark Andrejevic and others assert, online interactivity encourages an incitement to self-surveillance and disclosure, what happens if we don't necessarily tell or show the truth? I saw Mackenzie Wark talk once on "triflers" -- gamers who enter a gaming environment but don't play by the goals or objectives of the game -- they merely play, in the truest sense of the word. Always liked that concept.

That being said, may do a few regular posts again and then, we'll see. I've also got that dissertation thing to deal with ....

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