Please don't tell anyone

I'm actually linking to WIRED.

Bruce Sterling does 'Dead Media Beat' on MySpace's reported plan to cut 30% of its workforce:

"I’m thinking we need a different model here, a social-good model. If we really want to spend all our time socializing on networks, and we don’t want to spend any money doing that, and it isn’t a profit center for anybody, and it only lasts five years tops, no matter how big it gets and how popular it gets… Then, really, these oughta be public services of some kind. And probably not American services. because the Americans are methodically destroying more wealth than most of the planet has ever seen, and American public services are lousy and tend to kill off the consumers.

Let Sweden buy MySpace and hire PirateBay to run it as a public utility. That oughta calm things down. "

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