Story in Windy City Queer

(Me with friends at Club Lower Links, Chicago, 1991 or 1992, probably.)

Just signed contracts to publish a story -- well, a novel excerpt really -- in the anthology Windy City Queer: GLBTQ Dispatches from the Third Coast, edited by Kathie Bergquist and to be published by University of Wisconsin Press. The collection looks to be pretty awesome.

My piece is "New. Great. Revolutionary." It's an excerpt from a novel-in-progress about my early days in Chicago just after college: getting politicized, emerging queer consciousness meeting racial and class awareness, running around doing performance art and street activism, struggling to be a writer and work a day job, etc. It's set in the early '90s, before the internet, the Clintons, protease inhibitors, or terrorism had really made their big entrances.

So, yeah, it's a comedy.

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