I'm in Best Gay Stories 2010

Hey there folks-

The new Best Gay Stories 2010 from Lethe Press inclues my story , "It's Not You."

I'm really excited to have this story published in 2010. It first appeared in my collection Love Hard: Stories 1989-2009 from Rebel Satori Press. But I wrote the first versions of it looooong ago when I lived in Chicago. It's about my first (and last) straight boyfriend, and tries to capture that fluid confusion of sexuality in your 20s by formally representing it in a confusion between fiction and journal writing styles.

Shouts out to Tom Murray, who improvised a violin soundtrack to this story as a performance at Club Lower Links in the 1990s, and the performance department at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, where I developed this story.

It's about those times when you're trying to be who you think you should be -- as opposed to being who you are.

I've written about sex a lot over the years, but I've always said I think bad sex, failed sex, fumbled sex is more interesting than any kind of sex sex. And this story definitely is!

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