Conference Presentations 2012

I'll be presenting research, attending, or otherwise involved at the upcoming conferences, as indicated:

- Marxism and New Media, Duke University, Durham, NC:  Jan. 20-21. Attending.

- Southern States Communication Association, St. Anthony Hotel, San Antonio, TX: April 11-15. Presenting "'Hooking Up' in International Techno-Horror: Feminism, Reproduction, and Users" and  "Great Ideas For Teaching Students: Globalization Fieldwork for Study Abroad"

- Society for Cinema and Media Studies, Boston Park Plaza, Th. March 22, 11:00-12:45, Longfellow Room. Presenting "Convulsions of Gender: Media Struggle in Possessed and Ringu Offshoots" for panel Media Rejection: Practices and Discourses of Non-consumption and Resistance with Laura Portwood-Stacer, Rivka Ribak, Louise Woodstock, and Toby Miller.

- International Communication Association, Phoenix Downtown Sheraton, Th. May 24.
     1. Organizing preconference "Historiography as Intervention:  Communicating Across Geographies, Communities & Divides," Sponsored by the Communication History Interest Group.
     2. Presenting "Gay Men & Feminist Women: Networks of Communication, Representation & Coalition" as part of the panel  "Variant Voices: New Media Technology, Political Life, and Making Queer Communities"

- Local and Mobile: Linking Mobilities, Mobile Communication, and Locative Media, March 16-18, North Carolina State University, Park Shops Building (BNUM. 33). Attending.

- Association for Cultural Studies / Crossroads, July 2-6, Paris. Presenting "Killer Apps and Sick Users: An Overview of Pathological Technoculture."

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