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My article with Sallie Hambright-Belue, "Pedagogies of Spatial Perception: Collaborative Insights from Rural Food Systems" appears in the journal Space and Communication. Abstract: An ongoing exploration into the teaching of space is the focus of this article. As instructors of architecture and communication, the authors have collaborated on engaging and researching the spatial aspects of a common service-learning project for their client, Feed and Seed, a new, nonprofit food hub in South Carolina. Initially, we collaborated as colleagues comparing notes from our separate classes; we are now co-teaching an interdisciplinary class.  We describe encouraging spatial perception among our students and distill four pedagogical strategies for teaching spatial perception: encouraging students to conceptualize sites and locations as, not neutral, geographic places, but meaningful, affective spaces in the experiences of everyday life. We synthesize four strategies: experiencing, uncovering, conceptualizing, and articulating. We conclude by providing examples of tactical implementation.

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