One week later: Four thoughts.

UPDATE: Notice my comments are all about me. "I, I, I." Not "you" or "we." These are my thoughts about the choices I'm trying to make, not an argument for what others should or shouldn't be doing. I fought against Reagan/Bush. I blanket opposed everything W said or did. Which was how others treated Obama. I choose to long longer perpetuate that.
One week later: Four thoughts.
1. I don't support or want to replicate the obstructionist "just say no to everything" approach that was taken against Obama. I don't support Trump, but I don't think blanket opposition is an effective way for democracy to work. I'm going to focus my efforts and responses to specific legislative proposals and actions. If he comes up with a proposal I agree with, or is willing to compromise and work with Democrats, I'm not going to oppose such efforts simply because they are coming from him.
2. I'm breaking up with Nate Silver. His "we were closer than others" defense doesn't work for me. The polls were one thing, but their probablility-of-winning regularly showed HRC way above. And I learned to pay more attention to polls than probabilities.
3. One reason I like living in South Carolina is because progressives here are not sidetracked by debating issues like safety pins. We've got bigger catfish to fry.
4. I wish I'd had more -- any? -- opportunities when I was a student to talk about electoral politics in class, beyond generalized theories. There has to be a better way to respect opposing views and create a space space for dialogue and deliberation beyond simply avoiding the topic. The stereotype of the liberal, brainwashing professor has created a chilling effect. I'm struggling with this now as a teacher but heartened by the efforts of my colleagues and the willingness of my students. I did not bring up the election when discussing hegemony the day after; one of my students did. I was grateful, but also somewhat sheepish. I felt like I should have made more of an effort to go there.

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