Stuart Hall, Foucault & Trump: New Publication

New publication, just in time for Thanksgiving! Proud to be in the new special issue of Critical Studies in Media Communication on the late Stuart Hall. Final section reflects on Trump's rise from my perspective of late summer. Unfortunately full version is under embargo unless you or your institution have a paid subscription. I'll upload a free version when I can.

This essay addresses Stuart Hall and discourse theory, focusing on his essay “Signification, representation, ideology.” Reflecting upon recent events involving representation and identity—US legalization of gay marriage, murders at a gay nightclub, removal of the “Rebel Flag” from the South Carolina state capitol, Donald Trump’s presidential campaign—I attempt to destabilize the counterproductive dualism of material/discourse in Hall’s critique of poststructural discourse theory. Finding amenability between Hall and Foucaultian discourse theory, I describe Hall’s utility for discourse scholars, such as his perspectives on ideological practices and generation of new discourses as an interventionist act.


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