Current and previous classes at Clemson University:

• COMM1070 Media Representations of Science and Technology 
• COMM3070 Public Communication of Science and Technology 
• COMM3060 Critical/Cultural Communication Research Methods 
• COMM3150 Critical/Cultural Communication Research Theory 
• COMM3660 Special Topics: Trends in New Media 
• COMM3990 Critical Inquiry: Site-Specific Messaging: Communicating Food, Identity, and Culture 
• COMM4550 Gender Communication 
• COMM4950 Senior Capstone Experience: Cultures of New Media 
• COMM4950 Senior Capstone Experience: Advertising and Society 
• COMM4950 Senior Capstone Experience: Farms, Markets & Communication 
• COMM8030 Survey of Communication Technologies 
• COMM8020 Communication Theory II (Qualitative and Critical/Cultural) 

• COMM8060 Health, Communication, and Culture

Previous classes at the University of Southern California Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism:
Instructor of record:
COM455 Advertising and Society F09
, Sp10
COM340 Cultures of New Media F08

Teaching Assistant:
COM499/396 Fashion, Culture, & Communication, Alison Trope S07/S09
COM206 Communication & Culture, Sarah Banet-Weiser and Josh Kun F07

COM395 Gender, Media & Communication, Alison Trope F06/S07
 (4 sections of ~20 students each)
COM301 Media & Society Robert Scheer F05
COM201 Communication as a Liberal Art, Dan Durbin S06
 (2 sections, ~20 students each)

Research Assistant/Course development:
• Alison Trope Su09, visual studies
• Herman Gray F07-S08, visibility theories/ideologies
• Larry Gross Su06-F06, media effects